Tuesday, April 14, 2009

nte ticket olu tharum condensarey!!!!!!!

One of those ever lively college days where life was too excited to look around and and enjoy the small pleasures around you!!The place is Govt.Arts and science college,Meenchanda,calicut,1985s....As the usual practice college was off because of some silly political reasons and for us the perfect day to go to the town for some megre shopping!the nearest bus stop is called as Vattakkinar stop from where we got into the local town bus.We..means me and other 3 friends!The moment we stepped into the bus i noticed the familiar figure sitting two seats away!!He was wearing no shirt,the trade mark-spectacles and the inevitable umbrella!!!Oh..my god!!Pllease!!let him not see me!!Okay that prayer reached alittle late i think!!Lo!!!He is smiling already!Definitely he has seen me!I tried to pretend that i didnt see him and again tried to hide behind my friend!!!
There...echoed the loud voice!!Ah...maale!!iyyu bde ndo??Believe me, i cringed and shrank into my own skin!!such embarassment!!My friends were having fun!!Aaradee iyal???They were curious!My plight was pathetic,trying to conceal the total nervousness !!Again the loud voice!!This time it is addressed to the conductor of the bus!!
Athey!!!Nte ticket ibalu tharum tto condensarey!!!!!The whole bus roared in laughter!!!IThough i was fuming internally at that time ,this was one of those rare moments i preserve in my life for ever, because he was none other that our beloved Basheerkka(The legendary Beypore Sulthan who was close to my father and a common figure around!!!)
He was so very popular for his direct approach to anything and everything in this world and though i was the victim at this point i am never going to forget the expression on his face and also my initial total CHAMMALSSSS!!!!!!

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