Friday, May 14, 2010

which is better??

I like to see the pleasant smile of my neighbour's daughter!! She is a cute little 4 year old!How i envy her at times!! I feel so ashamed to admit this...but its really true!If only i could get back to that age just for a year borrow or beg become so free..of all ..worrying things of life!All those miracle-workers..scientists out something guys!!! I am sure you will have atleast a billion subscribers out there who will really buy your invention!!! You could be richer than Warren Buffet or Bill gates!! you could even issue initial public offers at a great prize and a billion people will again buy your shares!! be assured!..You know why? All because of something called ..the love of life!! Dont know how all this actually works...but i find people and souls very reluctant to leave their lives!So when a choice is offered what not they could rewind and do??There may be people who want to correct their mistakes..there would be those who want to make some mistakes which they never got to do! there would be people who want to commit murders..there may be those who want to change their whole life-style..But does this sound familiar??? Wait a minute...this is all leading back to the still chaotic life!!!!!! So what's the point???So..just be happy and enjoy what you have!The bird in hand is better than the one in the bush!!!!


I never understood the meaning of the real life!! I read about giving and getting space of my own!And when i actually think about it i really feel funny!!! I understand that each one of us is entitled to their own space! No one has the right to intrude in to that willingly!! But has our society accepted this as a legitimate need? well., i dont think so! Honestly,isnt it about time that we give and take some space?? For our sake!atleast!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Those Halcyon days....!!!!!

When we were kids,thats me,my brother and my cousin we had a lot of fun stealing stuff!!! yes i got you here!! No..No..not money or any of that stuff!! We were stealing rose apple.We used to call it red champakka!! There was a big tree of rose apple in my home but it was very hesitant to produce fruits in summer!!I think it was realllly scared of us ripping off its fruits and branches by three of us!! But fortunately my grandmother's sister had a huge tree in her house which happened to be our next plot.But there was a problem.To be very frank,she hated us kids!! just because we were such a miserable cause of anxiety to her!! She used to protect and guard the fruits like a security personnel!!!! I have this gut feeling that she never even considered the fact that we were kids!!! More over she didnt have any small children in her home.All grandchildren were away in different places!! That left us the sole self proclaimed owners of all the natural stuff that grew in the three acre area where only these two houses were there!! Imagine all those mangoes,Jackfruits( not really a great choice then!!) sitafal(seethapazham..Yummm)chickoo,two varieties of rose apples,another special item called paneer champa..(a fruit)...Incidently all these grew at the same season!!And thats during our summer break!!

We had a regular routine planned out by my grandmother,to learn two verses of sanskrit sloka everyday,to help her pick the seed out of tamarind friut collected earlier(then to process it to store!!)to practice classical music for exactly half an hour(!!!!!) to pick hibiscus leaves for making hair conditioner for the next day...the scedule goes on and on...
Somehow we used to go fast forward with all these one hour... and our final objective for the rest of the day was to pick maximum rose apples from the neighbouring place without being caught!! We did manage most of the days,to do an excellent job at it though we had our own mishappenings at times.The old lady would come screaming through the huge wodden door and will directly complain to our grandmother.We would be grounded for two days..but the will of a determined person...hmm... we never ever gave up!!!! We later devised this excellent plan which was totally full proof.We would make my cousin stand close to the door and would ask her to sing loudly(one particular song!!) as soon as she hears the door being opened so that my brother who would be on the tree,plucking ..will have time to climb down and run!!!

Earth Day...Earth Hour.. Earth memory.. Earth colour..Earth..file..Earth..people...!!!!!???

Of late i hear so much about Earth and various words from the English dictionary associated with it! Now this made me think about our very existance!! Are we not part of the earth?or are we some kind of extra terrestrials trying to protect something that they own !!The so called awareness campaign should come from within oneself!! This you cannot aquire from anywhere else.people should learn to accept the simple fact that earth is our HOME and not an apartment on lease!!! when that realization comes there comes the awareness too!! To a great extent this comes from ones own background and their way of bringing up.This strong conviction has to be embossed in oneself so that Earth and us are one not two separate entities!!!