Saturday, November 28, 2009

A thousand reasons for ........

A thousand reasons not to be born again!!!!!

You don’t have to learn how to send a voice sms.

You don’t have to plaster a smile when you actually don’t feel like smiling

You don’t have to keep your ATM number secret and never remembering when needed.

You don’t have to learn how to download a video from you-tube.

You don’t want to let anyone read your mind.

You don’t want to go along the flow and never against it.

You don’t want to share your intimate thoughts with anyone.

You don’t want to let others control your job.

You don’t want to be heard at all.

You don’t want to listen to others against your wishes.

You don’t want to discuss anything that happens at your work place.

You don’t want to scream loudly to let your feelings.

You don’t want to remind..hey,I am part of the family too.

You don’t have to be surrounde by people who think they always are better in every possible sense.

You don’t have to show that you are actually doing some favour to others.

You don’t have to comment on anything as an expert,that’s under the sun.

You don’t want to entertain people even when you are not in the right frame of mind.

You don’t want to be told by people as to do things in their way.

You don’t want to hear heroic stories of others.

You don’t want to hear the thousand-times-told incidents again.

You don’t want to clean the house frantically for sudden intruders.

You don’t have to do the chores without break.

You don’t want to bang the door at a nosy neighbour.

You don’t want to switch off your mobile phones.

You don’t want to call a friend who doest bother to remember your birthday but an insistant guest.

You don’t have to suffer loads of boozing and bossing.

You don’t have to re-heat food twice, to eat dinner.

You don’t have to call a friend and say..sorry I cant make it since I have people visiting.

You don’t have to tell your kids to pick up the phone and inform that mummy is not around.

You don’t have to avoid being side-kicked by everyone.

You don’t have to pretend that you are very talented and anything is possible.

You don’t have to look for side-glances to read hidden meanings.

You don’t have to clean a messy kitchen.

You don’t have to remove the stains on your shower curtain all by yourself.

You don’t have to rearrange your furniture when someone ‘important’ walks in in an hours notice.

You don’t have to learn the latest gizmo talk and jargon.

You don’t have to tell people how up-to-date you actually are.

You don’t have to boast about your accidental encounter with a celebrity.

You don’t have to fake an accent when you are with people of multinational background.

You don’t have to talk gibberish at times or through the phone.

You don’t have to keep silent to grab everyones attention.

You don’t have to scold children.

You don’t have to tell people what they are expected of doing.

You don’t have to pretend reading only sophisticated books!and not the one you wants to read!

You don’t have to rush to the grocer when someone drops in.

You don’t have to go to the bank to change your pin number.

You don’t have to leave the routine for a day and do something wild and feel that you have committed a crime.

You don’t have to look at department store-windows and worry about your wallet.

You don’t have to know what the president is going to do in the next two weeks!

You don’t have to woory about your neighbour watching you through the tinted glass when your make up is not on.

You don’t have to feel jealous of your friend’s jewellery collection.

You don’t have to hear your husband praising your friend’s wife on her culinary adventure.

You don’t have to go deaf at some occasions when only your presence is needed.

You don’t have to carry your laptop just to be among the ‘in thing’.

You don’t have to always reply to unavoidable,silly conversations.

You don’t want to worry about millions of kids without a single meal a day.

You don’t want to think about all the money that’s being spent on proving Big Bang theory.

You don’t have to worry about Afghanistan or Iraq or the car bombings or suicide bombers.

You don’t have to tell your daughter as pick her friends carefully eventhough they don’t want to be told.

You don’t have to tell your Mother that everything is wonderful and it’s a good life always.

You don’t have to thank people though they didn’t do a single thing for you.

You don’t have to explain a curious eager-beaver friend why you have kept a tea light near a statue of Budhha.

You don’t have to put up with people who will never make you laugh intentionally.

You don’t have to drive after midnight when you want to hit the bed.

You don’t have to self-invite yourself at some point,in your friend/relative’s place.

You don’t have to comment on how well they have kept their places in style.

You don’t have to tell how perfect your host/hostess is.

You don’t have to keep guessing whether it will rain or not before going for a drive.

You don’t have to appreciate the displayed dress in the shop window and later wish that you shold have had it!

You don’t have to worry about your children’s education.

You don’t have to feel that just because you didn’t pray for one day.the world is going to end!



  1. And, to die is very easy, but
    to live is the most difficult thing in the whole world!

  2. To be learnt all...
    Needs to be born again.
    Well... nice..Teacher..

  3. One more thing,

    You don't have to worry about pleasing the creator

  4. one more point mam,

    "you don't worry about making a good impression"