Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A page from the past!!!!

When we were kids we had a lot of guests in the evening.My father liked to have guests all the time!You cant call them as guests.they were not strange people.They were mostly achans friends or musicians and never relatives.The one i used to remember much was vasu uncle who was an admirer of my mothers kadumanga pickle.literally speaking,atleast twice a month he would visit us and have dinner with us.you cant call it as dinner.there were not much special items,the normal food.May be chappathy and stew or if we are lucky some chicken curry too!The food was not an issue at all unlike now!!The discussion place was just outside the sitting room.There is this big sappotta maram(chikoo).chairs are to be put under the tree at about 7 pm!!thats mine and my brothers job.we were too anxious to do anything,just to get away frm studies,honestly!!by 8 my grandparents would hav their food and will go to sleep.Then comes the secret bottle which was labelled as marunnu...to us and forbidden to see even,even though we were called to bring water!!!
well.i should say that at that time,people had principles!!They will take food exactly after an hour of the secret-bottle-opening!!Food was more important.i should say that people were more concious of their health too!!But during that one our vasu uncle used to finish a small bowl of very hott and spicy kadumaanga in such a way that amma was forced to hide the stock of pickle at times!!!they discussed film,music ,drama and never politics!!!kavitha too was a hot topic.
I secretly wish that some one should invent the time machine and i will be the first one to try it to go back to my precious childhood!!!!
vasu uncle later went into serious writing and you know him as M T .but the way heate my ammas pickle i can never forget!!!!!


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  4. funny to know how he eats! lol :) :D :P