Friday, March 20, 2009

One of my ..all time favourites....

Autobiography..of a paramhansa Yoganandaji.

When i picked this book first, i was under the impression is another compilation of religious affirmations and incantations in a new form with a new bound package!But i was soooo wrong!!!This book took me to a different level altogether,to a more broader concept and even a different thinking level about human existance!!!The author describes his own life from his childhood and takes us through a vast and colourful,even sorrowful experiences to his last breath in an elaborate and easy way!!!!
The people he met,the background from which he was brought up,and the comparison of the attitudes or may be the differences in the attitudes of the Orient and Occident!!Now this part struk me most since we are living in a place where there is a mixture of different culture!!This,i felt like watching earth from the atmosphere or somewhere from a different galaxy!when you come out of your place ,stay far and then watch the place,you will have a different outlook altogether about the place!
I was amazed to read about the life of the Therese Newman of Bavaria!!From a far away farm in Germany,a small parish, she became the solace of thousands of people and even now so many people look up to her for her guidance!!And the most important thing about her was that she started to heal others by literally taking up their sickness to herself!What a noble,and broad mental attitude!!This even reminded me of the ancient Indian quote "Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu!!"Let the world be well!!!!