Sunday, February 15, 2009

lessons you learn from children are amazing!!!!!The other day,in school, as annual exams are closing in...we teachers are always on our toes to complete pending lessons,prepare question papers,model examination papers,revision work sheets,marking schemes...oh...just endless activities.....
I entered the class and all were busy as usual,discussing their pE(games)period activities!!it was very obvious that they had no intention of taking a test!!!I decide to postpone the test but as a last try..i asked the class...Is there anyone at all here who is prepared to take a test???One little hand shot up!!Yes Ma'am...i am ready!I was actually surprised!it is not unnatural that many students learn and get ready for tests  but this was too much to be true because the lesson was half way through!!!Curiosity took over...i called him to my table and whispered!Yash!!!how come you are ready now only???We didnt even finish the lesson!!!The answer came immediately...i know Ma'am..but my parents lock me up inside the room and am allowed to come out only when i study the lesson byheart even if it is not completed!!!he added again..they feel that since i managed to get first rank in the last two years and even in the first semester...i should continue to perform the same way ...even if i dont want to!!!They feel that then the money they spent on me is worth as school fees!!!As a parent myself..i was aghast!!!!Where exactly is this kind of education leading us???Admit that at times there is competition around..but not up to this level so that ...childhood is denied to all 10-12 year olds!!!!When are the going to play football or discuss the latest action movies or Karate classes or camping or trekking???
The trend is dangerous!!!!hey you children out there!!!!I dont envy you guys!!