Monday, January 19, 2009

When i ponder over Khalil Jibrans works...i envy him!!!really mirrors of soul!!!when i read Frederick forsyth i want to be an espinage specialist!!!!then i pick up an M.T.vasudevan nair...there goes my...thoughts to my own place and i become a typical nair girl...Being a very enthusiastic attorney at thats my latest wish...ofcos after reading John Grisham...
   If you think that,its are so..mistaken...I want to be the diciple of param hansa yoganandaji..whenever i pick up that book called autobiography of a yogi!!!And  i want to wander in the beautiful valleys of the Himalayas...courtesy..sri.M.P. Veerendrakumar, in Haimavatha bhoovil...

I dont know whether i am the only one who is very easily inflluenced by what i read!!!(i might as well choose carefully!!!Yes???)but books have this amazing capacity to monoplise my mind and thought process atleast for a short time!I think thats the pure purpose of the writer and if the reader's attention is captured ..thats it!!!you have done well my dear writer!!!

If you ask me to choose my favourite book...then sorry to disappoint...cant really choose!!Its like asking to choose from a collection of blackforest,plum,vanilla or chocolate cake!!!!literally impossible!!!


  1. i cant agree more with you Mrs. Lakshmi. thats the exact feeling i get when ever i finish a book.

    when i read 'The Godfather' i wanted to be a gangster. when i read 'Lord of the Rings' i wish i were born in the shire. i wont think twice before packing my bag to journey to the lands of mordor.

    what you said about khalil jibran is very much true, he has that quality to bring out such vibrations to our soul which we thought never existed, and the presence of which will catch us off guard. i know the feeling


  3. Thank you Sourcebound!!!for your encouraging comments!(very nice name!!---i mean "source bound"